Pet and Animal Ghost Sightings
Many of us were raised to believe only people go to heaven, not animals ... people want the reassurance that their animal exists in spirit.

There are many different kinds of animal ghosts, from Elementals to Harbingers to Phantimals and more but all are connected to energy, and the manipulation of energy that allows these entities to cross over from their worlds into ours.

Many animal ghost stories deal with a beloved pet who passed and returned to comfort the owner or family that it loved. One of the oldest animal hauntings in the world is the The Roman Colosseum that held a lot of battles. It is estimated that over 5,000 exotic animals were killed in these battles but no one is really sure of the exact number. Since the time when the Colosseum was being used regularly all the way to present day (approximately 1,920 years) staff, workers and visitors alike have claimed to hear and/or see such animals on occasion along with many of the warriors.

 While Gettysburg, PA is most known (ghost wise) for it's apparitions of soldiers there is one animal amongst the ghostly group. In fact, one of the most reported sightings is that of a dog. The dog is thought to have belonged to General Barksdale. The dog was killed crossing the battlefield while delivering a message

Are Pets Psychic or Just Super-Sensitive?

Remarkable stories of animal telepathy, sense of direction and premonition. Are they examples of animals' keen senses, or are they evidence of an unexplained psychic ability
Rupert Sheldrake, author of Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home (Three Rivers Press, 1999), believes that animals have abilities that humans may have possessed at one time, but somehow lost. Through his extensive research, he has concluded that there are three major categories of unexplained perceptiveness by animals:

Telepathy - a psychic connection that some pets may have with their owners through connections Sheldrake calls "morphic fields." It is this ability that enables pets to "know" when their owners are on their way home.
The Sense of Direction - this ability accounts for the "incredible journeys" some animals make to be with their owners, including homing pigeons.
Premonitions - which may explain why some animals seem to know when earthquakes and other events are about to occur.

The stories about animals that have made long, sometime arduous journeys to be reunited with their owners are some of the most incredible and compelling cases for unexplained animal powers.

Sheldrake explores the possibility that some animals can forewarn us of events that are about to occur. Most common, perhaps are pets that seem to know when their owners are about to have epileptic seizures. Epilepsy, explained in the simplest terms, is a kind of temporary short circuit in the victim's brain, resulting in convulsions, labored breathing and sometimes blackouts. Is it a real premonition the pet is having before the onset of such a seizure, or is it supersensitive to slight muscle tremors, subtle changes in behavior or emitted odors that even the victim is not aware of minutes before the seizure takes hold? Sheldrake notes that pet dogs, cats and even rabbits can be sensitive to the event.

And then, there is Oscar, the cat who can predict death ::: I wonder what he sees, smells, or can feel