Cameras, EMF Detectors, and other tools of the "trade"
 You might start your ghost hunting investigations by doing some at home reading.  If you really want a scientific approach to your investigations, I recommend that you start here:

Ghost Science By Vince Wilson
Vince Wilson is the founder of the Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition, a regular lecturer on the subject of supernatural research. Ghost Science is Wilson's second book focusing on the most technical aspects of ghost hunting

You should have a basic working knowledge of technical terms, and science to be taken seriously. 

This is an easy to understand intro to EMF Detectors.   

And, you should read about the Three Basic types of Hauntings

Our personal equipment is listed on the "about us" page. 

Start here with seeing how to capture your own paranormal activity 

Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment :::


A 35mm camera with black and white film and/or infrared film is very useful for capturing any pictures. Ensure that you have plenty of film. For best results use a film speed of no less than 200. A speed of 800 may produce better results although it will be very grainy. It is also important that your camera has flash either its own or slave flash. Have all the film developed by experts and don't forget a tri-pod to avoid camera shake.

Night Vision Equipment

Night Vision scopes can be very useful. Cheap night vision adapters are available that will attach the scopes to video cameras for about $30. However Night Vision Equipment can be expensive. Choose monocular or binocular equipment. Binocular are a good choice because they add the benefit of depth perception. Prices range between $250-$4000. You can get some good scopes in the $300 range that work well on video equipment.

Night Vision Video Camera

This device is similar to combining a video camera with a night vision scope and allows the recording of light not normally visible to the naked eye. A good thing to have.

Tape Recorder

A good tape recorder and an external static free microphone should be in use at all times during a ghost hunt. Although nothing may be heard during the investigation there is a phenomenon called EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) whereby spirit voices have been known to appear on tape later after being reviewed. Ensure the use of brand new tapes when recording.


Rapid drops in temperature has often been associated with the presence of a ghost. As with the compass the old fashioned mercury filled, red-line thermometer is probably better than its electronic counterpart. A good thermometer can detect changes in room temperature quickly and where electromagnetic forces have been reported, an electronic device might fail or be wrongly affected.