Ghost Weather
Weather Affects Your Investigations! The weather can affect your paranormal investigations on many levels, especially sensitive equipment like the electro Magnetic Field Detector. 

Paranormal activity often increases when excess energy from solar x-ray flares permeates the earth's atmosphere and causes the earth's geomagnetic field to become unsettled.

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No one has made a real connection between lunar phases and increased paranormal activity.
When the moon is close to the earth during its monthly orbit, it exerts more pull on the earth's electromagnetic field. This gravitational force seems to alter the emotional state of some people and also reportedly has an effect on paranormal activity. Some paranormal researchers have reported increased activity just before, during or just after full moons and new moons.

This tool displays the approximate Moon phases for a given month. For official phase times and dates for this month and past months, check our Sky Almanac. Moon rise and set times are available from the U.S. Naval Observatory.

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