My Equipment
 I have four Sony nightshot cameras that I use for video

One is my old and trusty Hi-8 Sony with super nightshot that is not in color


I have two small Sony  DV video cameras with super color nightshot

Sony Mini DV

I have a Sony Hard Drive Video camera with super color nightshot
The hard drive is not recommended for those who "bump" their cameras. Its rather testy and will fail after too many bumps.

Sony Hard drive

I also have a Canon ZR-900 mini DV but it only has "enhanced" low light capabilities, not "nightshot" type IR.   It is high definition however, excellent for daylight. 

I also utilize a digital still Kodak and Canon camera.

I have two way radios, digital instant temperature gauge, EMF detector, multiple digital and analog recorders , many flashlights, and a GPS. 

Recently, I acquired a Sony DCR-PC330