Who We Are
 DelMarVa Paranormal is a Baltimore and Carroll County Maryland, based group of interested investigators of all walks, religions, beliefs, and experiences.

We do not have meetings, we do not charge "dues", we get together on an intermittent basis.  

Though, we do stray into neighboring states and take the occasional road trip.

We do not advocate one belief over another.  We feel, that whatever works for you is OK with us. 

We do ask that if you accompany us on an investigation, that you do your thing, and we      ( the rest of whomever is there ) will do ours. 

We do advocate scientific research regarding all levels of paranormal investigations, and we like to discuss the aspects of applying different theory to actual experience.

We do not rid a place of spirits, we call in the experts for that.  We document and record any activity that may be there, and receive messages in the form of EVP's or video to attempt to find out who or what is "haunting" the place in question. 

DelMarVa Paranormal associates with many groups in our area, thereby giving us access to may different locations, and people.  

DelMarVa Paranormal realizes that buying the equipment needed for even a basic investigation can hinder some people who would like to be able to go on investigations, but we have a collection of cameras that you can use to see if you really want to be a paranormal investigator.

DelMarVa Paranormal will give you a disk of your video or photos free of charge.

We are also gathering used equipment, fixing it and will be selling it from this web site.